Welcome to Valuex Middle East

November 09, 10 and 11, 2022 at Rixos JBR Hotel

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Our Principles


What is said here is confidential and not be shared outside the group unless the originator gives permission.


We are here to learn from each-other, not to sell to each other.

Speaking from Experience

We are here to share knowledge and experience. Not to tell each other what to do.

Session Format

Presentations will generally be for 5 minutes.

Followed by 4 minutes of Q&A and

1 minute for speaker switchover.

Everyone is expected to speak and contribute.


Proposed Program

Day 1: 8th November 2022 Check in at the Rixos Jumeirah Beach Residences
Day 2: 9th November 2022 * Full day conference with Lunch
* Evening Dinner
Day 3: 10th November 2022 * Full day conference with Lunch
* Evening Dinner
Day 4: 11th November 2022 * Morning half-day conference
* Evening tour with dinner
Day 5: 12th November 2022 Check out


Feedback from Our Participants

  • "An eclectic mix of people and ideas" - Fund Manager from USA
  • ".... thank you for the organization hospitality and warmth and learnings. It was a super event" - Allocator from Saudi Arabia
  • "...local speakers who could talk knowledgeably about the region" - Investor from UK
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I hope that you do make it an annual event" - Fund Manager from Canada
  • "I'm in for next year's event as well" - Allocator from Estonia
  • "What I liked most was 1) the ability to interact with other participants outside of the meeting room ie dinner etc. as during this time, one can connect a lot better. 2) I enjoyed sharing of investment ideas from other investors 3) The China focused investment by Dennis Hong. I think that provided a lot of insights and was very useful." - Allocator from Saudi
  • "I enjoyed being in the company of like-minded individuals, whom I hope to develop friendships in the future" - Fund Manager from Turkey
  • "I enjoyed the attendance of a good blend of both local and international investors" - Another Fund Manager from Turkey
  • "The show ran like clockwork" - Investor from Dubai
  • "It was truly a great experience for me and a pleasure to meet so many like-minded peers" - Fund Manager from USA
  • "I had an amazing few days and I learned something from every speech and every person I spoke to, what a great group you gathered together" - Investor from Amsterdam
  • "Just writing to say a big thank you for inviting me to ValueX ME. It was a fantastic event – a fantastic group with some great presentations and I enjoyed meeting and hope to keep in touch with everyone." - Fund Manager from Dubai
  • "I really appreciate how you took on and embodied the culture and values of VALUEx Klosters" - Guy Spier
  • "Thank you Ram and Dennis and all the participants - so much learning: Like drinking from a firehose" - Guy Spier
  • "Thank you Ram and Guy Spier, and wonderful friends for a phenomenal week of learning. I cant wait to come back" - Dennis Hong


To register for the event in November 2022 simply drop an email to valuexme@neetifund.com with a copy to mallika@neetifund.com